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Greece & Cyprus Residency/Citizenship by Investment


We empower individuals and families to become global citizens (with ease of travel, investment option and work opportunities) through the Greece Residency & Citizenship Program.

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Right to do business and work
  • Visa Free Travel to 26 Schengen Countries
  • Most affordable residency program amongst European capitals
  • Applies to family members, spouses, direct descendants, and ascendants
  • An authentic European destination
  • Promising investment opportunities
  • Visa free travel within the 26 Schengen countries
  • Immediate income from investment
  • Flexible investment options
  • No requirement to live in Greece
  • Applies to family members, spouses, direct line descendants and ascendants
  • No nationality restrictions
  • Right to do business
  • Citizenship eligibility after 7 years residence
  • Unlimited renewal of the residence permit

Greek Golden Visa Investment Options

  • Real Estate – desirable for investors who feel comfortable with bricks and mortar with min. required investment amount of 250.000 euros, the most affordable one all over Europe
  • Investment Activities – suitable for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses or branch out in Greece, starting from 250.000 euros
  • Financial Products – convenient for investment-savvy individuals, and requires the shortest time frame in issuing a Greek resident card, starting from 400.000 euros

As to the subject of tax residency in Greece, the following two are on offer to those who are interested to enjoy a flat and low tax rate on their global income:

Real Estate Investments

  1. Minimum Investment size of 250,000 euros
    • Residential properties
    • Commercial properties
  2. Warehouses and Logistics
    • Plots of land, buildings


Cyprus has become increasingly popular among non-EU nationals seeking Permanent Residency in an European country as it provides one of the quickest and simplest residency programs into Europe.

The Cyprus Residency Program is an investment-based immigration program, directed mainly to individuals or families that want to relocate to an European country or would like to have a second home.

  • Quick processing time
  • Entire family are eligible
  • No residency or language requirements
  • Attractive tax regime
  • Competitive return on investment

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